Vehicle Glass Repair

AA Tire & Service offers quality glass repair and replacement in Farmingdale, NY Hicksville, NY, Lindenhurst, NY, and surrounding areas.

Why is it important to repair a cracked or broken windshield or window?

The main function of glass windshields and windows is to ensure that you are protected while driving. They are also important to keep you out of harm’s way in case of an accident. During an automobile accident the windshield can help keep individuals from being ejected through the front windshield of a vehicle. Side windows are also a form of protection. Side windows can help keep you warm and even protect you from insects, rocks, etc. At AA Tire & Service we can provide you with top quality glass repair and replacement in Farmingdale, NY, Hicksville, NY and Lindendhurst, NY.

AA Tire & Service also provides glass tinting:

Why is AA Tire & Service the best auto repair shop for your window tinting needs?

Do you need your windows tinted? There are a vast amount of benefits that come alongside with having your vehicles windows tinted.

Getting your vehicle’s windows tinted can help prevent the following:

·          Faded interior

·          Ultra Violet Radiation

·          Heat protection

We provide window tint services to the Farmingdale, NY, Hicksville, NY and Lindenhurst, NY. Looking to get a quality window tint on your vehicle? Well look no further because we have top quality employees who can help you find the right window tint to fulfill your needs.  

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